The Individualist

24" x 24"



Michel makes this creation through the use of many colors and vibrant images, with this acrylic on canvas work of art.

The original is for sale.  It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity portion goes to the

Spirit of Harmony Foundation. Thank you for your support!

From the CD:The Individualist is a 1995 album,by Todd under the pseudonym "TR-i".

The second of Todd's TR-I projects, following 1993's No World Order, the album saw Rundgren play all instruments

during the recording sessions, whilst the songs featured his usual acerbic observations, wit and songwriting flair.

Some Lyrics...."Gather 'round children, I got a tale to tell ya, There was a time when I couldn't bust a rhyme
Had yet to hit my prime...'Cause my mind was such a young mind, And first you got to unwind
The mystery of your soul, it's like a black hole, The gravity is too thick
You got to learn to lighten up a bit...It's such a frightening thing to realize
Every time you close your eyes, You been cut down to size, 'Cause you're stuck with yourself
Ain't nobody else to compare yourself to...It's just you
And then you ask yourself, "What's it all about?"